Cokeville, Wyoming

I signed up my company FASTAXI with Cartvertising in Sept 2014 for 20% of the back facing ads and 100% of the front facing on 400 carts. I made it plain that my season started Dec 18 and ran thru April 15th.

I was told the ads would go in the first or second week of Dec. Nothing in Dec, finally on Jan 29 th they told me my ads were in. I went to check and I did have the back facing ads but not one on the front facing. I called, approved new art work and that was the last time they called me except for money.

On April 17th I went to check to see if my ad had been corrected and NOPE! My season had ended two days earlier and so I thought, 'oh well, at least I didn't pay for them.' Then in July I get a bill with a threat of turning it over to an attorney. I call Cartvertising and tell them they never put my ad on the 400 front facing carts. They ignore that and want money.

I don't hear back from them until Sept and now it is from an attorney threatening to sue me. So, I go to the store to see if they ever fixed by ad and NOPE! So, I counted the carts and the store only had 146 carts including the one's in storage. So, the 400 carts was a lie, they never complied with their own contract and they are suing me.

Stay away from this company. Huge problems. By the way, if you ever need my help in testifying about what they did to me to help your court case, I am in Park City, Utah under FASTAXI.

I would love to help anyone that has the unfortunate experience of signing a contract with this company. See my pictures...these carts have no FASTAXI on the front facing ad position and I have plenty more pictures.

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Independence, West Virginia, United States #1078505

The same thing is happening to me and my company now... only I will be the one suing them!

House Hunters

to House Hunters #1291474

I was recently "fast-talked" into signing a contract and was told that 1. If my business partner didn't agree that they would just tear up the contract as she never once mentioned the "no cancellation" clause and when I was having to initial everything she never gave me a chance to read it - just kept moving down the page and said "initial here." When I asked what I was initialing she said, oh, just the stuff I told you about ad placement, how the advertising works, etc.

Well, my business partner did not agree and then I was told over the phone that it was a no cancel contact. I asked to have my customer copy that I was never given because she said it had to be a approved and signed by her manager and I would have my copy mailed to me within 10 business days. Never got it. I called and asked to have my original customer copy sent to me the emailed me a copy of the front page that was unable to read because it was too faint.

I emailed and asked again for my original and that I could not read it and want my original signed copy and was emailed another copy of the same front page again. For some reason they won't give me the original or the back side of the contract which from reading all the complaints is the terms and conditions. Now I tried to call them and none of their numbers work and the 800 number says it is disconnected. I plan on closing the account they are going to debit from and file a small claims against them regardless that I have read that they state you have to sue them in Texas which I believe is illegal.

I have never heard from the person in charge of designing my ad and was told I would get a call that day. That has been over 15 days ago.

Has anyone had any experience in suing these people and won and how did you do it? I believe the judge would find this contract heavily one-sided in their favor.

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